ringwood heights primary school

Little Kids thinking big!


Visual Arts

Each child at RHPS attends art for 50 minutes per week. Art sessions go very quickly (just ask the children!) Most session follow a sequence of discussion, demonstration and then art making and creating. When work is complete, reflection, feedback and sharing takes place.

In each Art session children consistently explore the art elements of line, shape, colour, texture, tone and pattern. Through the creative fields of drawing, painting, printing, collage, modeling, construction, and textiles students develop their skills and explore the creative potential of a wide variety of visual art materials.

Each Art activity aims to develop children’s individual creative and artistic skills, while extending an understanding of materials and techniques.

Performing Arts:

The study of The Arts is a unique, expressive and creative form of communication that engages our students. The Arts promotes creative problem solving, self-expression and the use of the imagination in a range of different forms.

Performing Arts incorporates Music, Dance and Drama. At Ringwood Heights Performing Arts provides every student with the opportunity to express themselves creatively and to plan, play, create, and perform.

The emphasis is on having fun and really learning to love all kinds of music through listening, singing, and moving. Children play instruments, games and move to a wide range of music genres.           

There is a focus on audience behavior, students watch each other and give feedback regarding their performances. ?The students use tuned/untuned instruments and body percussion to learn about music elements such as rhythm / beat, dynamics- loud/soft, and tempo. They learn simple notation.                        

A variety of dance styles are taught in the program including set routines and creative movement. This develops student’s confidence and coordination.

The elements of dance include: body awareness, action, space, time and energy.

In Drama, the children enjoy simple role plays and improvisations. They use props and costume to create characters.

The students use Drama applications to create movies using iPads.