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Physical Education

Physical Education programs at Ringwood Heights Primary School provide students with a variety of physical activities in a range of indoor and outdoor environments. All sessions are planned in accordance with the Learning Focus and Standards of AusVELS Health and Physical Education for all levels.

Foundation to Year 2 student sessions are based on the practise of basic motor skills focusing towards eventually being able to participate in minor and major games. They participate in and develop control over a range of locomotor activities that require a change of speed, direction and level.

Year 3 and 4 sessions are based on the practise and use of more complex manipulative and locomotor skills such as leaping, dodging, the over-arm throw, dribbling and striking balls, cart wheeling and handstanding.

Year 5 and 6 sessions are based on refining and expanding the range of skills our students have developed over the years and performing them within a game setting. These students participate in Interschool Sport, House Cross Country and other organized sporting programs within the school to provide exposure to a wide variety of major games.  

Ringwood Heights Primary School is part of the Warrandyte South Sport District and the students play against other schools (Interschool) within this district over the Summer and Winter months. These sports include Teeball, Softball, Rounders, Netball, Bat Tennis, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket and Volleystars.  

An annual House Athletic Carnival is run for both the Junior and Senior School at Proclamation Park.

Additional Programs that are organized for students are:

Students who excel in a particular sporting area are given the opportunity to take part in the individual sporting trials conducted by the Victorian Primary Schools Sporting Association (VPSSA) where they can represent the school at District, Division, Regional and State level.