ringwood heights primary school

Little Kids thinking big!

Play-based Inquiry

In the Junior School (F-2), our play-based Inquiry sessions play a large role in laying the foundations for students to develop as independent learners.

Our play-based sessions run twice weekly on Thursday and Friday mornings. Stations with a range of learning foci are set up within the classrooms and outdoor spaces and provide explicit links to support our literacy, numeracy and Integrated Inquiry programs.

Students have freedom of choice in their learning focus, which promotes personalised, meaningful learning.

 Examples of learning stations include:

Play-based Inquiry provides a meaningful, non-threatening learning environment where students feel confident to take risks in their learning. They work individually, alongside and collaboratively with their peers during these sessions.

The teachers’ role within these sessions is to act as a facilitator of learning by participating in conversations with the students, asking open-ended questions and provoking their thinking by challenging the students to take their learning further.