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Little Kids thinking big!


To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil, is to forget ourselves.”  - Ghandi

Learning Through Nurturing

Sustainability is embedded in the curriculum of all year levels. Students collect food scraps for both the worm farm and our chickens. Both of these produce castings to ensure our kitchen garden along with student learning thrives. 

Our Sanctuary

At Ringwood Heights Primary School we are lucky to have a remnant of Native Heathy Bushland that was sectioned off and protected during construction of the school 50 years ago!  This is the last remnant of locally indigenous bushland on the western side of Loughnan's Hill.

In the Maroondah Council's Sites of Biological Significance 1996, this reserve was identified as having 65 indigenous plant species, some of these, including the hop-bitter pea, are rare in the Maroondah region. In addition, fauna of special significance include the Orchard Butterfly, the koala and possibly Sugar Gliders.

The sanctuary has recently been revitalized through the Communities for Nature Grant to educate students and the local community on how to manage severely fragmented indigenous vegetation. 

Our school ‘sanctuary leaders’ will ensure this valuable community learning space is nurtured and valued for years to come.

Results From Our Student Lead Inquiries

Visit the RHPS Sanctuary website (made by our Senior School Students) 

RHPS Sanctuary Website