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Numeracy learning occurs within a whole school inquiry approach to Mathematics. At Ringwood Heights Primary School, the teachers use real life contexts and our inquiry Big Questions to support the delivery of the Victorian Curriculum, which are relevant to the children and thus engaging and meaningful.
Teachers design sequences of lessons across the strands of

Learning experiences are open-ended and differentiated, catering for all abilities so that all children experience success. Learning tasks are designed to develop students' understanding of mathematical concepts and provide opportunities to become confident and fluent with mathematical strategies. They show and share their reasoning and collaborate to solve mathematical problems, allowing for students to engage deeply in mathematical thinking. Students work on personal numeracy goals within whole class lessons and are supported by their peers and teachers in small group, targeted sessions.

Learning experiences are designed for students to make connections between mathematics, science and technology, and students have the opportunity to utilise spheros, beebots, lego-technics, digital thermometers and calculators to develop their mathematical knowledge and skills.